In Bruges, at the Boudewijn Seapark, seven dolphins are confined in a small chlorinated tank, deprived of sand, sun, fish, seaweeds, natural light or any other natural elements!

These dolphins are forced to perform tricks in exchange of dead fish. Three out of those seven dolphins were captured at sea in the most brutal conditions and then transported, by plane and by truck to end up in a concrete tank. A tank which dimensions can be compared to the dimension of a sink when you think about the immensity of the ocean. The other three were born in captivity and their life expectancy is very limited.

The industry of captivity  and the Bruges Dolphinarium in particular, are lying to you and to your children when they claim to play an important role in species conservation! It is nothing else then misinformation!

Boudewijn Seapark breaks the European Directive regarding the detention of animals in zoos (Directive EC 1999/22) which states that the environment in which captive animals are kept  should be as similar as possible as their natural habitat. However, when it comes to dolphins it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to reproduce their  natural habitat and living conditions. Today, there is no law ruling against the opening of a new dolphinarium in Belgium. Such a ban can only be introduced by the Parliament. Your help is important to us! Sign the petition demanding to shut down the Bruges Dolphinarium!

Together we can put an end to this situation!

Share this link, help us to translate this page in other languages, join us in the various protests that we organise, contact the medias etc.
We welcome any of your personal initiatives…so that we can finally, one day, see a Dolphinarium-free Belgium.
Three of the dolphins in Bruges have been captured and taken away from the ocean. HERE is how dolphins are captures.




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